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Wellness Care

We offer high-quality wellness care, including appropriate vaccine recommendations, senior care, and dental health, heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.
Microchipping services affiliated with a national database are offered to help your pet get home safely if he or she gets lost. Microchips are under the skin, so they can't get lost like a collar. Once the pet ID is found, we are contacted so your pet is returned to you.
Dental treatment, including with brushing teeth and dental rinses, helps improve oral health as well as breath odor. Plaque buildup or tooth decay may require more aggressive treatment measures. We can perform a complete dental cleaning and polishing, and remove any diseased teeth under general anesthesia.
Making the decision to say goodbye to your beloved pet is one of the most difficult decisions a pet owner will make. Our compassionate, professional staff will guide you through the process so you can make the appropriate choice for you and your loved one. Foster Vet offers dignified and pain-free euthanasia, performed with respect and kindness. We also offer burial and cremation services.
Maintain your pet's health by contacting our veterinary clinic in Foster, Rhode Island.