Foster Veterinary Clinic proudly offers Dental Services!

Dental COHAT - Complete Oral Health and Treatment procedures with Dr. Malgieri.

Dental health is of the utmost importance to the general health of cats and dogs. Studies show periodontal disease can adversely affect heart, kidney, and liver health.

Dental Procedures require general anesthesia to gain cooperation, facilitate radiographs, and control pain.

Full mouth radiographs are taken during each procedure. Gingival pocket depths are measured, teeth are ultrasonically cleaned and polished using state of the art equipment.

Extractions are performed if radiographic evidence shows it cannot be saved.

If a tooth is diseased but can be saved, root planning or a bone graft can be done to restore it to better health.

Local nerve blocking will be utilized to increase comfort during and after extractions and procedures.

Laser therapy will be performed after all dental procedures to reduce inflammation, speed healing and reduce pain. We will frequently have patients come in every other day for 3-5 treatments after their procedure.

One week after dental COHATS we provide a free appointment to discuss your pet's procedure and preventative dental care with our lead technician Brianna.