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We believe in using multiple methods of controlling or eliminating pain in our patients.  A thorough examination and history can elucidate where pain control is needed.  The methods we employ are:

Pharmaceutical pain control  

  • NSAID – to reduce swelling and inflammation 
  • Gabapentin – to treat nerve pain 
  • Muscle Relaxers – to reduce muscle spasms 


  • Chondroprotec – Polysulfide glycosaminoglycan injections to reduce joint pain. 
  • Dasuquin – oral chew to reduce joint pain. 
  • CBD Oil – given orally for pain. 

Laser Therapy 

We are excited to offer class IV K – laser therapy, excellent for reducing pain and to speed healing. K laser is a helpful treatment for:

Wound healing        Reducing edema                Disc disease      Musculoskeletal pain 

Osteoarthritis          Anal gland sacculitis 

Solensia / Librela 

  • Anti nerve growth factor monoclonal antibody given as a monthly injection. 
  • Works like your pet’s naturally made antibodies to reduce pain signals 
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